weak spot

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a place of especial vulnerability

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Wales' management team clearly identified the Austrian centre backs as a potential weak spot in the air.
He highlights bank employees who haven't had much training in cyber security as a weak spot.
They leave a weak spot that hackers can exploit to gain access to a car's systems, including braking and acceleration.
His only weak spot was that Wimbledon just wasn't his track.
Global Banking News-December 17, 2012--Fitch marks China as weak spot in Asia Pacific outlook ratings(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
While Melody pitched an "unoriginal" selling point to the advertising executives, she was not considered the weak spot on her team and escaped the bottom.
With our own Liam Neeson as shadowy villain Ra's al Ghul, the only weak spot is Katie Holmes as Bruce's love interest Rachel Dawson, who manages to be so annoying you actually wonder how Tom Cruise puts up with her.
Pollard decides to exploit Leyla's weak spot for money, and Lexi tries to evict Nicola.
It may not cause an earthquake immediately but the energy builds up until it finds a weak spot and 'boom'.
Stuttgart managed to score with only 50 per cent of their penalties, but inventor Peter Goehner revealed Goalias' weak spot.
Many firms are banning such sites from company systems, claiming they could create a security weak spot.
Huskies wide receiver Sonny Shackelford found a weak spot and caught a 19-yard pass with two seconds left that gave Washington the ball at USC's 15-yard line.
The Edinburgh Book Festival makes a cameo appearance as the site of Ben's first sexual exploits, but otherwise the coming-of-age aspect of the film is its weak spot.
One potential weak spot is residential building permits.