weak point

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Synonyms for weak point

an imperfection of character

Antonyms for weak point

an attribute that is inadequate or deficient

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Turkey ran up a huge deficit on its external accounts last year, official data showed on Thursday, highlighting a critical weak point for the damaged economy and devalued lira.
According to 67-year-old singer, his weak point is that he never enjoyed confrontations after bedding women.
Sprinting squads uncovered Dermot Weld's [Olfa] sprinting division is his yard's weak point.
The work's support paradoxically draws on the weak point of its material.
The weak point of the Cedar Revolution is that it depended on 'used leaders,' who were at the center of Syria's hegemony [over Lebanon]," said Sejaan Qazzi in a likely reference to Progressive Socialist Party leader
2 : a weak point : flaw <The teacher judged the students' strengths and weaknesses.
Another weak point in the first three stories is that the author shows some characters, whom he hated, in an ugly way.
It appears that all of the Republican candidates begin from the weak point that the Bush administration represents.
Weak point Opponents accuse him of being too willing to change his stance; his Welsh links may worry some MPs who fear a Gordon Brown-led party would be too Celt-dominated.
By our approach, we supplement the weak point of the composition with a specific arrangement.
Finishing was the 38-year-old's weak point as he missed a succession of doubles, with the scoreline only so convincing because of the seven maximum scores of 180 Van Barneveld hit and Sorensen's lack of consistency.
Unfortunately for many plastics processors, autos and auto parts are the most glaring weak point in the nation's manufacturing outlook.
Oddly, the film's emotional peak--Billy's dad tries to become a scab to pay for his son's big audition--produces the show's weak point ("He Could Be a Star").
In the event that a blast gets past the inner layers, the weak point will direct the explosion in one direction - up.
The officers must see that every precaution is taken to keep the large crowd that will assemble well in hand and at once strengthen any weak point which they may observe.