weak interaction

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(physics) an interaction between elementary particles involving neutrinos or antineutrinos that is responsible for certain kinds of radioactive decay

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This can happen under the same weak interaction, provided the neutrino collides with the anti-neutrino to create the electron-positron pair.
We consider weak interaction assuming that the pulses are sufficiently separated and, therefore, that for each pulse it is sufficient to take into account its interaction with only immediate neighbours.
The parameter b is equal to zero for the standard vector--axial vector type of weak interactions, and the parameter D is related to time-odd correlations of spin and momenta, therefore in the first Born approximation, it is defined by a time reversal violating process.
When the weak interaction (such as in the case of e-capture, for example) the bosonic part of the proton quark or vortex tubes take part (section 3).
The results showed that tensile strength increased with the content of iron particles; however, the tensile strength was far lower than that of IIR filled with the same content of carbon black due to their larger size and weak interaction with the matrix.
005 is just at the boundary of self-contradiction of electrodynamics for the meson at the weak interaction threshold.
The weak interaction parameters can be measured using neutron beta decay with fewer and simpler theoretical corrections than measurements using the beta decay of nuclei.
7 kilometers in circumference, was designed specifically for studying the weak interaction.
s], depends only on the matrix and not on the guest in the usual weak interaction systems.
One might well ask if the generation structure is a true aspect of nature, or just a result of our incomplete understanding of the weak interaction [10].
Parity violation is not 100% and right handed contributions in the weak interaction should be found.
Consistent with the description of Emisphere's proprietary technology, the data from this study further demonstrated that this weak interaction between the drug and carrier, which is driven by electrostatic and hydrophobic forces, is fully reversible and appears to be necessary for the transport of the drug across the intestinal walls.
The standard model also includes a theory called quantum chromodynamics, which describes how quarks bind together via the strong force, and a unified theory of the electromagnetic force and weak interaction, which governs how leptons and quarks interact.
Now, the W boson takes a vital part in the unification of electrodynamics with weak interaction which is called electroweak theory.
Such determinations offer additional insights into the nature of the weak interaction.