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(physics) an interaction between elementary particles involving neutrinos or antineutrinos that is responsible for certain kinds of radioactive decay

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The scientists are hoping to see a unification of the four fundamental forces of nature that act on these particles (the weak force responsible for radioactivity, electromagnetic force, the strong force responsible for the existence of protons and neutrons, and gravitation).
we don't really know how to unify the forces of nature -- the weak force, the strong force, the electromagnetic force, all of this we are not able to comprehend what it all means in terms of the physical laws of nature.
But not to literary dissolution, for a poetics makes a truth--claim: "a poetics does not record the strong force of hard facts; it describes the weak force of a call for the kingdom, or for justice, which is true even if the real world is truly unjust.
Stymied by the threat of libel suits and various restrictions, opposition parties remain a weak force in the city-state.
But detecting such a weak force is a challenge, one that until fairly recently was deemed outside the ability of science.
Because these particles are very massive their range is too short to allow their direct exchange between nucleons interacting via the weak force.
Gravity comparatively is a very weak force, however, and even Einstein questioned whether these waves could be detected.
The US is trying to continue its presence in Afghanistan in different ways and under various excuses; hence, it is misrepresenting the Afghan military troops as a weak force," Seyed Nader Shah Bahr told FNA on Wednesday.
In the universe's earliest picoseconds, electromagnetism was a component of a more primordial "electroweak" force, incorporating what's now called the weak force (known for its role in radioactivity).
The Boulder team monitored a "twinge" of weak force in atoms, which are otherwise governed by the electromagnetic force.
min] down to some smaller r', where it turns into the neutrino, which moves to some r" on the opposite end of the weak region under the weak force only, then this neutrino moves freely to start being accelerated by the weak field of the neutral star at [r.
Now we can see it produced singly in a rare mode by the weak force, which means we can understand its properties better," she added.
The question naturally arises of how a weak force non-parity-conserving interaction can affect strong force quanta.
Past models of star formation in these clouds assumed that since gravity is a weak force over large distances, its effects are negligible in these clouds until the hydrogen atoms are very close together.
The weak force is not yet accommodated in this model, but analogously it is expected to be described by the energies of (2) and (7) in the region r < R.