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(physics) an interaction between elementary particles involving neutrinos or antineutrinos that is responsible for certain kinds of radioactive decay

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00pm) Professor Brian Cox explores how gravity influences events across the universe, discovering why such a relatively weak force dictates the solar system''s movement through the galaxy.
A new theory uniting the weak force with electromagnetism had called for the existence of new particles that mediate the unified "electroweak" force.
Just think how potent this profession could be politically: millions of consultations each year made by Australian voters--yet we are still a weak force as we haven't even begun to utilise this.
The crucified body of Jesus proposes not that we keep theology out of politics, but that we think theology otherwise, by way of another paradigm, another theology, requiring us to think of God otherwise, as an unconditional claim or solicitation without power, as a weak force or power of powerlessness, as opposed to the theology of omnipotence that underlies sovereignty.
But Lebanon's army is a weak force, consciously undermined over the years of Syrian occupation, and is largely Shiite.
to the very existence of the Z boson as a carrier of the weak force, later demonstrated by the production of Z's in high energy collisions at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN).
This weak force is one of the most precious inheritances of the 20th Century.
Page 43 notes that "asymmetric war involves a strong force either using or threatening to use an advantage that the weaker opponent cannot respond to; it also involves a weak force seeking offsets against the stronger force; and it usually presents a social or political dilemma to the stronger force.
In effect, to view Miranda as a weak version of the Fifth Amendment privilege requires that we recognize the Fifth Amendment as having a strong force in formal proceedings and a weak force in police interrogation.
The power of a weak force in nature can be illustrated by comparing the toughest known material of nature with that of ours.
Advertising is a weak force that needs careful media planning and consistency.
In order of strength, they are the strong force, which holds quarks and other subatomic particles together; electromagnetism, which deals with magnetism caused by an electric charge in motion and relates to the structure of atoms; the weak force, responsible for radioactive decay; and gravity, the weakest of the four, which binds solar systems and galaxies together.
It emphasizes the following principles: primacy of politics, primacy of people over weapons, the strategy of using a weak force against a strong force, the mobilization of the masses to fight a protracted war against invasion, and multiple roles of the PLA.
The question whether advertising is a strong or weak force - and what salesmanship really means - therefore has a direct bearing on this prime business objective.
Wickramasinghe reasoned that a microscope capable of measuring this weak force would be more sensitive than microscopes that detect stronger repulsive forces.