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Young yet, barely thirty-six, eminently handsome, magnificently strong, almost bursting with a splendid virility, his free trail-stride, never learned on pavements, and his black eyes, hinting of great spaces and unwearied with the close perspective of the city dwellers, drew many a curious and wayward feminine glance.
The caprice of the moment might yet stand my friend, with such a wayward being as Miserrimus Dexter.
Then he had but to bring out the old romance book from the priory, with befingered cover of sheepskin and gold letters upon a purple ground, to entice her wayward mind back to the paths of learning.
The same day I called on Lady Janet to thank her, and encountered a new revelation of the wayward and original character of my dear old aunt.
While I thus stood, leaning on my gun, and looking up at the dark gables, sunk in an idle reverie, weaving a tissue of wayward fancies, in which old associations and the fair young hermit, now within those walls, bore a nearly equal part, I heard a slight rustling and scrambling just within the garden; and, glancing in the direction whence the sound proceeded, I beheld a tiny hand elevated above the wall: it clung to the topmost stone, and then another little hand was raised to take a firmer hold, and then appeared a small white forehead, surmounted with wreaths of light brown hair, with a pair of deep blue eyes beneath, and the upper portion of a diminutive ivory nose.
And the magician who has wrought this wonderful transformation-- the foreign husband who has tamed this once wayward English woman till her own relations hardly know her again--the Count himself?
He puts the rudest remarks Sir Percival can make on his effeminate tastes and amusements quietly away from him in that manner--always calling the baronet by his Christian name, smiling at him with the calmest superiority, patting him on the shoulder, and bearing with him benignantly, as a good-humoured father bears with a wayward son.
Having helped the wayward 'prentice in, she faintly articulated the words 'Simmun is safe
At present everything seems tending toward the relaxation of ties,--toward the substitution of wayward choice for the adherence to obligation, which has its roots in the past.
Little Barbara was not of a wayward or capricious nature, and, being full of remorse, melted into tears.
The wayward boy soon spurned the shelter of his roof, and sought associates more congenial to his taste.
This time she comes mob-handed with the Wayward Band - 10-strong when all members are on stage - to showcase their new album, You Know Me.
Wayward Pines WITH Twin Peaks about to make a return, its influence continues.