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Synonyms for waxwork

twining shrub of North America having yellow capsules enclosing scarlet seeds

an effigy (usually of a famous person) made of wax


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For the waxwork of the Queen he used measurements taken when the head of state sat for the artist when he created her 2001 waxwork, and recent photographs.
The completed waxwork is fitted with an outfit, usually donated by the celebrity.
The former England skipper and Magpies' top goal-scorer became the latest to enter the waxwork hall of fame as he came face to face with the life-like replica in Blackpool .
The answer isn't 42: it's a roomful of waxwork James Bonds.
And recently, Katrina provided me with a photocopy of a catalogue for Madame D'arcs Waxwork Exhibition that used to be at the Victoria Music Hall at 90 St Mary Street.
as singer ages a decade in latest waxwork," writes the website.
EITHER celebrities are growing to look more like waxwork dummies - or these figures are the most life-like ever.
JUSTIN BIEBER has become the latest A-lister to unveil his waxwork double at Madame Tussauds, joking to his fans "I'm at least six feet taller".
CHAT show host Jonathan Ross's waxwork has had its ear chopped off.
They were proposing to put on display a waxwork of Hitler.
Gordon Brown faces a fresh test of public opinion - over whether a waxwork of him should join other world leaders at London's Madame Tussauds.
The new waxwork shows the Australian icon in a flowing red number similar to the outfits from her recent sold-out Showgirls tour.
The Coulby Newham brothers who sing as Journey South were at Madame Tussaud's in London and got up close and personal with the waxwork of Marilyn Monroe.
Pucker up Justin gives his seal of approvaln SPOT THE DIFFERENCE Justin and his waxwork
At London's famous waxwork museum, the recently trounced opposition leader William Hague is now waxworka non grata.