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brown velvety-plumaged songbirds of the northern hemisphere having crested heads and red waxy wing tips

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CREST HEADING WEST: A waxwing, with its distinctive crest and vivid wing feathers.
Waxwings - stunning birds that fly to Britain when there is a food shortage in their Scandinavian homeland - have already been spotted in and around Birmingham.
The Waxwing is basically a new design, selling for a few seasons now with little competition.
That was how the young cedar waxwing ended up, out cold and apparently dead on our back deck.
Cedar Waxwing Bird Carving - For ages 50 and older.
Under the contract Anubex will be providing Air France Industries with tooling to automate the technical migration of the software to Windows, using Anubex's Java Swing-based Waxwing components and Instantiations' Swing Designer.
While no human but an informed researcher would look at this patch of forest twice (except perhaps ruefully upon losing a golf ball in the muck), it remains a small haven for Blanding's turtles and the other creatures that have moved in with them: spotted turtles, ribbon snakes, muskrats, and birds such as the red-winged blackbird and cedar waxwing.
That group counted more than 35 different species including the Cedar Waxwing, a stout, buff-colored bird with a black mask.
THE trees are laden with prophetic berries and now, the waxwing, a yellow bird native to Siberia, is back.
The rarest naturally occurring birds in the UK are all migratory species such as the waxwing and aquatic warbler.
A couple of you play in other fairly big bands, Sharks Keep Moving and Waxwing.
Trainer Pat Murphy was on hand to help load the sometimes mulish Waxwing in the stalls prior to her run in the claimer, and was still making his way back stands-side as the filly powered home by ten lengths under Darryll Holland.
Our study species, Cedar Waxwing, almost never regurgitates seeds (Levey and Grajal 1991, Witmer 1998); seeds are therefore always associated with pulp in fecal samples.
We located and followed kingbird and waxwing nests from the time of discovery until either young fledged or the nest failed.
The American Robin (Turdus migratorius) and Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum) are two North American migrant species with large wintering ranges with in the United States (Root 1988).