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paper that has been waterproofed by treatment with wax or paraffin

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Cut out blondies, then line them up on a sheet of wax paper.
It's a bit like trying to process a sheet of wax paper through the factory.
Line a baking sheet with plain parchment paper or wax paper that has been generously coated with butter.
Place large, hand-shaped mounds of soap on a piece of wax paper and do not disturb.
Drain on a rack over wax paper (drippings can be peeled off and reused).
Spread it thin on wax paper and dry it in the sun, if you live in an arid climate, or in the oven on the lowest setting, or in a dehydrator.
You need: 1/2 cup (125 ml) each of flour, cornmeal, and water, large zip top bag, clear plastic wrap, wax paper
Now place the wide end of the cone on the wax paper, and trace a circle around it.
Body egg cartons small boxes Wings cardboard (cereal box, poster board, manila folder) wax paper or plastic wrap for see-through wings (make veins on wax paper with crayons) Legs & Antennas colored pipe cleaners Eyes paper circles: white with smaller black ones on top Finishing Glue or tape the parts together.
or sweat shirt * Crayons * Crayon sharpener * Aluminum foil * Paper grocery bags * Iron * Wax paper
Also, cover hot dogs with wax paper or a paper towel to evenly disperse the heat.
INGREDIENTS * 1 batch of your favorite cake batter, homemade or from mix * 12 to 15 8-ounce wide-mouth jars with lids (look for "pint-size" jars) * Wax paper, cut into circles slightly smaller than the circumference of the jar's mouth
What You Need: * 1 box Nilla Wafers * 1 jar creamy peanut butter * 1 bag colored candy melts * wooden popsicle sticks * sprinkles to decorate (optional) * cookie sheet lined with wax paper * 2 small bowls--1 microwave safe
Smooth surfaces like wax paper experience the least amount of friction.
1 tablespoon honey 1/2 cup plain, Iowfat yogurt Toothpick Wax paper Multigrain cereal, crushed