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She has published two poetry collections, The Sanctuary of Wax Dolls (2006) and Stepping over the Rain (2010).
Rafael Cabanas Alaman notes Gomez de la Serna's fetishized perception of female characters as wax dolls in his novels (152).
These wax dolls, ostensibly used for medical purposes, were seen by certain French writers fascinated by the macabre, as prototypes of the perfect woman, a thing which never came late and never answered back.
Analogous thoughts on this destructive attitude toward dolls may be found in a text dating from a time closer to Contessa Lara and Pirandello, Rainer Maria Rilke's essay from 1913-1914, 'Dolls: On the wax dolls of Lotte Pritzel' (Rilke, 1994).
The doll display features examples of all main doll making techniques, from early wooden and wax dolls to the popular bisque, or china headed dolls of the 19th century and more modern composite or moulded plastic characters.
The wax statue's uncanny semblance of life had been unnerving and fascinating visitors of wax cabinets and museums since the late 17th and 18th century, when, for instance, the anatomical waxes of La Specola in Florence--which opened for the public in 1775 (13)--enticed spectators with wax dolls in sultry poses and the opportunity to quite literally "dig into" the subject matter that was put on display.
They also made wax dolls for children's entertainment.
THE majority of doll collectors seek out bisque headed dolls, although wooden, papier mac he and wax dolls are also interesting.