wax begonia

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hybrid fibrous-rooted begonia having broad-ovate green to bronze-red leaves and small clusters of white or pink or red flowers

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Flowers evaluated were: French marigold, impatiens, windflower, wax begonia, and scarlet salvia.
Similarly, among flowers evaluated, French marigold and wax begonia were accepted to a limited degree.
An added benefit of wax begonias is that they can be transferred to pots before being touched by frost, and it will continue to grow and bloom indoors all winter.
The wax begonia is probably more versatile, in terms of its wide range of tolerance for shade and sun exposures, than any other bedding plant.
Although considered an annual, wax begonias may persist for up to two years or longer in the garden if they are cut back on a regular basis, say every four to six months.
With ample water, wax begonias grow in neat mounds up to 10 inches tall and remain beautiful until frost.
Each topiary is hand-planted with thousands of colorful wax begonias and other flowers.
Bedding or wax begonias, heliotrope, impatiens, and Madagascar periwinkle can be moved indoors and grown as house plants over the winter.
A simple and cheerful reminder of summer is a window sill full of wax begonias in shades of red, pink, and white.
Some plants like wax begonias, not the tuberous types that need a dried-off rest, will continue blooming freely after their move without skipping a beat.