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Synonyms for wavy

Synonyms for wavy

(of hair) having waves

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uneven by virtue of having wrinkles or waves

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See supra notes 267-269 and accompanying text (proposing that lawmakers require courts to impose treble and punitive damages against payday lenders and make their arbitration and class-action wavier clauses unenforceable).
The tax wavier concept isn't viable to support city services.
There was further increase in the amount of elastic fibers which became wavier in appearance and more densely packed.
She said the next year budget also envisages incentives for agriculture sector including loans for small farmers and wavier of duties on solar tube-wells.
UAE is the first Arab country to sign the Schengen-visa wavier agreement with the 28-member European bloc.
While the expansion of the scope-limitation waiver to certain depreciation method changes may prove beneficial to some taxpayers, traditional depreciation method changes resulting from cost-segregation studies may still fall outside of this limited wavier.
Pakistan must protest the American initiative of giving wavier to India on tracking mechanism on nuclear fuel supplies.
1, the exchange program picture is wavier than ever.
Loan wavier scheme of government adversely effected the recovery performance of the banks.
According to an official from DIAL, they have no issues in giving the Delhi Police a wavier but the Delhi Police has to ask MoCA.
And finally, a new and controversial theory is that a warmer Arctic region and shrinking summer sea ice from man-made global warming has shifted jet stream patterns, making it wavier and bringing more unpredictable weather.
However, Alaska's own Vitus Marine was able to secure a Jones Act wavier, which allowed it to legally charter a double-hulled, ice classed, Russian tanker in order to deliver 1.
Pakistan should ask for such wavier and if it is not granted to Pakistan then Pakistan should make use of its unique geostrategic position as United States needs Pakistan's support to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.
The thick hair of the Middle East is wavier but it need not be harder to manage.