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Synonyms for wavelike

uneven by virtue of having wrinkles or waves

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On the other hand, neo-Gregorian graduals manifest a wider degree of variation in transmitting melismas than Gregorian items and the melodic style confirms the Beneventan cantors' preference for the wavelike contours and stepwise motion of local traditions.
Called Eco-Lawn, it's a blend of a half-dozen fescues (planted from seed) that grow well in sun and shade, never get much above ankle height, and take on this wavelike look when left unshorn.
Their choppy, wavelike pattern makes them stand out from other clouds.
As it turned out, the year 1965--before the Watts riots began in August--was the last moment that the wavelike nature of the trend of American prosperity was consistent with an exponential curve.
The use of laser light to create a lattice, like a net, to hold wavelike atoms, waves holding waves in microseconds of measurement, makes Rebecca's conceptual frame, by comparison, seem simple.
SKYN Extra Studded features intensely deep studs in a unique wavelike pattern specifically designed to maximize stimulation and pleasure, while SKYN Selection will, allow new users to sample a variety of products from the SKYN line in order to find their ideal style and fit.
In this role, it's not her airy leaps that make you do a double take, but the wavelike rippling through her torso, the dynamic way she responds to the music and the sense of purpose she puts behind every step.
Being a particle (although with a wavelike nature), the electron cannot go through both slits at the same time.
During last three days citizens were experiencing a heat wavelike condition as on Tuesday mercury crossed 33 degree celsius mark, highest temperature of current month in the city experiencing 12 degrees celsius rise in a fortnight.
Atoms are no longer thought of as "solid, massy, hard, impenetrable moveable particles," as Newton described them, but rather as potentialities, possibilities with a wavelike structure that can interfere like waves.
The strings are mounted a motorized mechanism that puts the balls in motion in a wavelike formation.
On an adjacent wall was an example of arterial spurt; that blood presented in a more spiked, wavelike appearance, which happens when a major artery is severed, he said.
In my Double Concerto, I had found an ending that involved an oscillating, wavelike fading in and out of different sonorities and characters, making polyrhythms out of whole systems of musical technique that I wanted to carry out in a full-length piece.
The rippling surface simulates the wavelike effect of breeze passing through a field of freshly planted paddy.
Osaka, Feb 4, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) - Panasonic Corporation has developed unique "micro color splitters", which separate the light that falls on image sensors by exploiting light's wavelike properties.