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a band of adjacent radio frequencies (e

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So, allow waveband adds and drops at MEN nodes to fill the wavebands pass the nodes in the ring.
Spectral reflectance gradually increased along with the development of winter wheat in visible waveband (460-730nm), but decreased in infrared waveband (780-1100nm).
A key challenge for Sun Innovations was to develop the set of RGB materials that can be prepared into transparent forms, and can be selectively excited by three separate wavebands, without cross-excitation.
Surprisingly, a number of compounds such as azo dyes, phthalocyanines, and anthroquinones have high specific absorption in the visible waveband due to electronic transitions, but weak specific absorption at [IR.
9fm waveband on a limited community licence across the town from July 11 to 20.
2]) between the forage variables and canopy reflectance values in each broad waveband were calculated.
SOT has 1/5 -arcsecond resolution in the 480-650 nanometer waveband, and it has an imager, a magnetograph, and a spectrograph.
The detector fuses four laser beams, each at a different waveband of light, into one.
Ground breaking research in understanding the characteristics of human skin at millimetric waveband (mmw) frequencies is being conducted at Cranfield University, academic partner to the Royal Military College of Science at Shrivenham, Oxford-shire, UK.
The programme, which has the cooperation of the military and the Waveband Corporation, will determine the radar's ability to detect birds in an operational airport environment.
Instead, this new approach exploits the use of material-encoded imagery that allows for the construction of a single synthetic environment database to be used for "out-the-window" (OTW), Night Vision Goggle (NVG), and Infrared (IR) Sensor views, thereby creating a waveband independent, unified battlefield model.
Fiscal policy had included using the proceeds from the new generation mobile phone waveband auction to pay of debt and this alone had achieved a permanent pounds 1 billion a year saving in interest payments.
The Wave is gearing up to release WaveBand 3 in the new year following the success of the first two.
If it means more of the same old dross on a new waveband, they can forget it.