wave-particle duality

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(physics) the property of matter and electromagnetic radiation that is characterized by the fact that some properties can be explained best by wave theory and others by particle theory

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It wasn't until she began studying physics at the university that Elmira was drawn to the wave-particle duality theory, which posits the importance of the observer and that person's influence on the behavior of photons.
The basis of the interpretation of quantum theory, Bohr put the wave-particle duality of microparticles which first turned his keen and insightful account of Louis de Broglie.
Wave-Particle Duality in the Elastodynamics of the Spacetime Continuum (STCED).
In their early-twentieth-century solutions to these problems, Planck and Einstein led the way to wave-particle duality and quantum mechanics.
Of particular concern to me in my role as senior physics teacher at a Melbourne secondary college, was the poor understanding of quantum concepts identified by international research relating to the study of the wave-particle duality of light and the wave nature of matter.
I'm troubled by the wave-particle duality of quantum mechanics.
Wave-Particle Duality holds that all matter exhibits both wave and particle properties.
This wave-particle duality is a fundamental feature of quantum physics and applies to all "particles" (including photons, particles of light) and even to atoms and molecules.
Four introductory essays cover aspects of the science and religion dialogue, but the bulk of the book is an alphabetical encyclopedia that contains entries on everything from the anthropic principle to Intelligent Design to wave-particle duality.
Making use of the quantum mechanical consequences of wave-particle duality, electron microscopes can resolve smaller features, since electrons can be accelerated to energies corresponding to wavelengths smaller than those of visible light.
The wave-particle duality is simply a narrative device for forcing unforeseen juxtapositions into being, like connecting Hezbollah to the ancient Giza Plateau and the reincarnation of Egyptian Pharaohs as present-day jihadists [in a forthcoming sci-fi pulp paperback].
It generally has not addressed how to interpret wave-particle duality and other perplexities of quantum mechanics.
Topics include fundamental quantum phenomena and concepts, entanglement and its consequences, the Bohr-Einstein debate and the fundamental problem of quantum mechanics, the quantum world, entangles quantum systems from wave-particle duality to single-photon sources of light, quantum information, the promise of quantum computers, decoherence and the transition from quantum physics to classical physics, quantum information processing, and quantum theory as a challenge for philosophy.
argues that there is a clear parallel between the wave-particle duality in quantum mechanics and the doctrine of two natures in Christ.