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make high-pitched, whiney noises

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See also Herman & Waul, supra note 2, at 13 (reciting that "domestic violence victims miss nearly eight million days of paid work because of the violence in their lives--equal to 30,000 fulltime jobs.
Recidivism rates are lower for released inmates who are employed after their release (Adams et al, 1994; Solomon, Visher, LaVigne, & Osborne, 2006; Winterfield, Coggeshall, Burke-Storer, Correa, & Tidd, 2009); however, formerly incarcerated people often lack the resources to gain employment that pays a living wage (Travis, Solomon, & Waul, 2001).
Joel Waul is climbing his masterpiece--the world's largest rubber band ball
Incarceration creates tremendous strain on the family members left behind, and marital relationships frequently end in divorce during a prison term (Travis & Waul, 2003).
9) Largest Rubber Band Ball - Florida resident Joel Waul unveiled the world's Largest Rubber Band Ball at 9,032 pounds.
However, the first six months following release from incarceration or residential placement are important, as some individuals are at particular risk for immediate re-offending when released from prison (Travis, 2003; Travis, Solomon and Waul, 2001) or at risk for violence immediately following release from hospitalization (Monahan et al.
4 million persons in federal and state prisons in the United States, and 95 percent of them will be released to reintegrate into communities (Harrison & Beck, 2003; Travis, Solomon, & Waul, 2001).
O-words not containing stops and referring to prolonged sounds arf fizz hail heehaw hiss hoarse howl huff low lull mew miaow moan moo neigh ring roar shoo sigh sing sizzle sneeze sniff snore sooey sough swish swoosh vroom wail waul whang wheeze whiff whine whinny whirr whiz whoosh woof woof yawn yell zz 2.
703, 725 (2011) (citing Craig Haney, The Psychological Impact of Incarceration: Implications for Postprison Adjustment, in PRISONERS ONCE REMOVED: THE IMPACT OF INCARCERATION AND REENTRY ON CHILDREN, FAMILIES, AND COMMUNITIES 33, 40-46 (Jeremy Travis & Michelle Waul eds.
Largely male--but increasingly female--poor, undereducated, and members of racial minorities; former prisoners come from some of the most socially vulnerable populations, facing extensive formal and informal barriers to workforce participation (Kerley and Copes 2004; Mauer 2006; Petersilia 2003; Travis 2005; Travis, Solomon, and Waul 2001).
Asha Mandela, also in the US, unveiled for the first time her remarkable eight-foot dreadlocks, which she's been growing for twenty years, to secure herself the Longest Dreadlocks record, while Joel Waul US, broke the record for the Largest Rubber Band Ball with a ball weighing 4,097kg (9032 lbs), and 6' 7'' tall with a diameter of 25 ft.
The personal, familial and societal consequences of such a large prison population are enormous, particularly when many of those incarcerated will be released and reincarcerated many times in their lifetime (Travis and Waul, 2004).
First, Joel Waul introduced the world's Largest Rubber Band Ball at 9,032 pounds.
Travis and Waul point out that the number of affected children was estimated to be 3.