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an instrument for measuring in watts the flow of power in an electrical circuit

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This difference can likely be attributed to the fact that the computations based on waveguide theory utilized values of power measured by a wattmeter having a manufacturer specified accuracy of 5% and that the waveguide theory computations did not take into account field disturbances caused by the probe launch and waveguide slots.
The units are also available with expanded indicating features and an optional oversized panel box allows for the installation of an engine oil temperature gauge, tachometer and wattmeter.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of equipments Wattmeter, Three phase, upf, 10/20A, 150/250V, Moving Iron Voltmeter.
In this experiment, input heat flux is given to the evaporation region by using variac and can be measured by wattmeter.
The test procedures specify use of a wattmeter or a watt-hour meter for standby power measurements.
The compressor power consumption is obtained using a digital wattmeter, and its speed is measured with a calibrated signal from the inverter drive.
Consumed power during the cutting process was measured on deep holes boring machine MGA 250 x 1000 using a wattmeter.
Global Specialties has released its model 1522 bench-top digital Wattmeter that monitors true RMS AC voltage, current and power.
The power meter is a terminating digital wattmeter with an input impedance of 50 [omega] Power and frequency ranges of 2 to 500 mW and 10 to 2000 MHz make the model 7100 a perfect choice of numerous low power RF test and troubleshooting applications in product development, repair, field service and manufacturing.
At this point in time, the electric power consumed for the run of the entire RF/V system was also recorded by an integration wattmeter.
Figure 7 schematically depicts this type of system, together with some of the other ideal sand system features mentioned previously, such as an automatic compactability control at the mixer, weigh hoppers, control of the mixing cycle and bond development using a wattmeter (a scanner to detect unpoured molds at shakeout so that the bond and carbons additions can be adjusted), a lumpbreaker after the shakeout, followed by magnetic separators, a homogenizing drum and sand cooler.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of equipments Moving Iron Ammeter, Wattmeter, Single phase, 0-5-1OA, Energy Meter, Inductive Load in power systems lab
The 600A225 offers readily available RF power for typical applications such as RF susceptibility testing, antenna and component testing, wattmeter calibration, particle accelerators, plasma generation, and communications and can be used as a driver for higher power amplifiers.