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a wheel with buckets attached to its rim


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a wheel that rotates by direct action of water

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The first bull is attached to the beam of the waterwheel and proceeds to run for eight minutes around the well.
In addition to dull-ice flowers, the trail is dotted with interesting artworks such as an oxcart, a waterwheel, and a bicycle that project the image of a farming village, the agency added.
Tenders are invited for design, manufacture and construct either the replacement, repair or refurbishment of components of three vertical waterwheel general electric hydroelectric generators that have reached the end of a useful life.
Activities such as making a water filter, secret salt pictures, or a paper waterwheel with inexpensive materials make What On Earth?
Brain The winning design, from Matthew Glover, was inspired by a waterwheel, of which there were several at Crowley's Iron Works, which was located on the site in Derwenthaugh Park, where the heritage centre would be built.
Waterwheel and dove bird house in |the old mill near Co Durham, picture by Ann Willis, of Guisborough
The pull of a working waterwheel led chartered engineer Tony Coverdale to join the Saltford Brass Mill Project, a group of volunteers that care for the Somerset scheduled ancient monument.
The first was an early use of a waterwheel-powered rolling mill to manufacture thin iron sheets, instead of hammering them under a large hammer powered by a waterwheel.
This home on Waterwheel Falls Drive in Henderson is zoned for Ulis Newton Elementary School.
A waterwheel is a machine that uses the energy of flowing or falling water to turn a wheel.
The Wild Boys video by Duran Duran where they are all on this waterwheel.
A A sporting rifle B An escarpment C A waterwheel D A woodworker's plane QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: Hayley Mills became the last Juvenile Oscar recipient for her performance in which film?
Instead of rebuilding the Temple, they are building a huge waterwheel that will be used to bring electricity back to the valley, thereby providing them with a return to normality.
Beginning with early breakthroughs in mechanical technology, such as the Archimedes screw pump, the Noria Al-Muhammadiyya waterwheel, and the Newcomen engine, Black organized the selected landmarks into several chapters addressing specific themes, from energy and manufacturing to information, science, and medicine.