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a wheel with buckets attached to its rim


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a wheel that rotates by direct action of water

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The first was an early use of a waterwheel-powered rolling mill to manufacture thin iron sheets, instead of hammering them under a large hammer powered by a waterwheel.
This home on Waterwheel Falls Drive in Henderson is zoned for Ulis Newton Elementary School.
Visitors can also find out more about Killhope's waterwheel and jigger house during a talk by expert Chris Askew.
The Wild Boys video by Duran Duran where they are all on this waterwheel.
A A sporting rifle B An escarpment C A waterwheel D A woodworker's plane QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: Hayley Mills became the last Juvenile Oscar recipient for her performance in which film?
Bland, of Waterwheel Street, Lockwood, pleaded guilty to the charge at a previous hearing and Kirklees Magistrates' Court heard he had also pleaded to sending an offensive text to the mother of his three children, Kerry Fitzpatrick, on December 26, 2014.
The project, known as Waterwheel, will involve the extraction and bottling of water from a local well using carbon neutral processes such as green energy supply, recycled biodegradable bottles and recycled material for labels.
A waterwheel flow divider can be added for multiple-lane production.
I met one such foreseeing individual as a small boy during the war when a neighbour, labelled "eccentric" placed a waterwheel in a stream in his garden.
We used oak for the diagonal braces, the waterwheel cribbing and the flume.
The 60-meter floating apparatus comprises a windmill above sea level and a waterwheel underneath to power it through tidal power, according to their announcement Thursday.
You can also visit Lady Isabella, the biggest working waterwheel in the world, or sit back, ice cream in hand, on one of the Island's many beautiful beaches.
To mark the opening on March 30 and 31 there will be live music on both days as well as guided tours, a new Hobbit trail for young children and outdoor games, including a new interactive waterwheel.
Kilbeggan Distillery has seen the increase over the last year following a marketing investment and the restoration of its iconic waterwheel at its HQ.
Mahlon amazed me by saying about a year and a half previous he, along with help, completely rebuilt the large waterwheel.