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Synonyms for watertight

Synonyms for watertight

not allowing water to pass in or out

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without flaws or loopholes

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Said Laura: "I am delighted to join the Watertight Marketing Network as an accredited consultant and to bring this to Huddersfield.
This federal organization of the United States was part of the constitutional plan for additional watertight compartments within our government itself.
After debating the Iraq crisis, MPs voted on an amendment which stated that there was no watertight evidence as yet to justify attacking Saddam.
This chuck features watertight, stainless steel construction and the use of rare earth magnets for excellent holding power.
Manfred Milinski of the Max-Planck Institute of Limnology in Plon, Germany, cautions that the ease for calling these behaviors image scoring is "not a watertight proof" because Bshary merely observed the behaviors and hasn't performed experiments that directly test for image scoring.
Available in 10 realistic hardwood finishes with textured wood plank design, iCore's Snap&Fit[TM] joints are sealed with CoreWeld[TM] for fast, easy, watertight and hygienic installations.
The group are advising motorists to use watertight containers to hold their keys if they have to go swimming.
It is well researched and academically watertight, yet Williams has the knack of making his scholarly work read like popular history.
Prevent excess moisture with watertight roofing materials and gutter systems.
Each piece of equipment, carrying a price tag of US$500,000, is comprised of watertight seals and delicate components that are fragile to transport.
The boxes, composed of Fiberglas-reinforced molded plastic, are watertight to depths of 100 feet and nearly indestructible.
RenoSys corporation, is a 1/4-inch to 4-inch thick padding that is bonded to a watertight PVC membrane surface.
A loading scuttle on the main deck was also open and not fitted with a hatch, meaning the main deck was not watertight.
New, improved formulation provides low-swell, watertight closure during spinal surgery