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Synonyms for watermark

a line marking the level reached by a body of water

a distinguishing mark impressed on paper during manufacture

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The watermarking algorithms mentioned in [1-24] are used single watermark information and inserted into host medium.
The research admits that the usage of thin lines and shadows makes removal of a watermark difficult albeit given a single image.
Robustness is an important property of watermark that ensures watermark is readable even after slight deterioration or common image processing o.
In our algorithm we first select some specific NURBS primitives as the watermark carriers.
This means you can create your perfect watermark once and apply it every time to new photos without having to start from scratch.
If watermark is embedding bits into higher frequency coefficient would change the image as little as possible and achieve the imperceptibility.
In addition, if the important data is recorded onto the downloaded software beforehand, PHISHCUT will display a warning which gives users the option to send or not send their personal information to websites the user has accessed which contain no digital watermark.
The Watermark will change the way people think about living in the New York metropolitan area," said Mitchell C.
The intensity and sharpness of a watermark image must be analyzed against the background of sheet formation.
As some mills used more than one watermark and/ or changed their names, the variety is brought together under the history of each mill.
The watermark will not appear as part of the photocopied information, although the overall quality of the content will degrade as copies are made from other copies.
In order to establish ownership over some content (such as an image), Alice can use a private key to generate a watermark and embed it into the original image.
Imperceptibility requires the watermarking algorithm to embed the watermark information in the host image in such a way that the quality of the underlying host image is not affected.
Many solutions embed labels using such secret information as a password, forcing an attacker, ignorant of the label's secret "location," to inflict damage in every possible location, thus degrading the quality of the image so severely that removal of the watermark renders the image useless.
A work product of the DCIA-sponsored P2P Digital Watermark Working Group (PDWG), the document is being provided today to Members of Congress at the House Entertainment Industries Caucus hosted by the Digital Watermarking Alliance (DWA), a PDWG participant.