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Synonyms for watermark

a line marking the level reached by a body of water

a distinguishing mark impressed on paper during manufacture

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In our algorithm we first select some specific NURBS primitives as the watermark carriers.
This means you can create your perfect watermark once and apply it every time to new photos without having to start from scratch.
In addition, if the important data is recorded onto the downloaded software beforehand, PHISHCUT will display a warning which gives users the option to send or not send their personal information to websites the user has accessed which contain no digital watermark.
The Watermark will change the way people think about living in the New York metropolitan area," said Mitchell C.
The intensity and sharpness of a watermark image must be analyzed against the background of sheet formation.
As some mills used more than one watermark and/ or changed their names, the variety is brought together under the history of each mill.
If the spreadsheet contains multiple pages, copy (Ctrl C) the watermark and paste (Ctrl V) it in position on each page.
The modifications are data substitutions that collectively make up the watermark.
The scheme disperses the watermark in the spatial domain of the image, hence making it very difficult to remove the embedded watermark.
Allowing or blocking retransmission of a file with a particular watermark.
In the SVD domain, a common approach is to modify the singular values by the singular values of a visual watermark.
driver licenses issued in 2007 will be secured with digital watermarks.
Kyocera's KX Driver Security Watermark, designed for Windows printing environments using PCL XL and 600 dpi resolution, offers the ability to affix a custom security watermark to any document when printing.
Digimarc and its licensees have enabled the watermarking of billions of media objects around the world and deployed hundreds of millions of watermark readers in professional and consumer software applications and hardware devices.
the leading provider of Technical Rights Management(TM) (TRM) solutions, today announced Advanced Equities Financial Corporation (Chicago, IL) has chosen Pinion Desktop Packager - Watermark Edition for in-use security of the company's highly sensitive investment information.