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Synonyms for water-color

water-soluble pigment

a water-base paint (with water-soluble pigments)

a painting produced with watercolors

the art or technique of painting with watercolors

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Detailed and humorous water-color scratchboard illustrations capture the unique spirit of the train from the outside in and the inside out.
Since then, the recovery of Margherita the "civic saint" has long awaited close study of the visual evidence surviving to support this interpretation of her cult: water-color copies recording nineteen scenes of the fresco cycle made shortly before its destruction.
People with experience in teaching dance, music, calligraphy, cake decorating, water-color painting, aerobics, self-defense, cooking, crafts or other classes are urged to call Nuss at (661) 259-0855.
Discolored seawater seen over the volcanoes could indicate eruptions, but the timing of water-color changes doesn't match the rumbling of the unknown volcano.
The brilliant water-colors, oils and prints of talented Bahamian artists are featured at the Nassau Art Gallery (East Bay Shopping Center, Nassau; 809-393-1482).