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a river and all of its tributaries

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283,700 to the City of Honey Grove (Fannin County) consisting of a loan in the amount of $200,000 and $83,700 in loan forgiveness from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) to finance water system improvements.
Goldsboro has a relatively new water system, with few lead pipes but some lead-soldered joints.
When Cal-Am bought Chualar's water system from Monterey County in 2002, they filed an application with the PUC to put Chualar under the same water rates as another system Cal-Am had recently acquired, Hidden Hills.
Whenever a water system is closed, the water chemistry changes, temperature increases, and dissolved oxygen decreases.
The intake has been replaced by engineering firm The Norel Group in Thunder Bay, but now the next step of the project will be to bring the community's water system into compliance with the province's water regulations.
Arsenic levels exceeding 10 ppb are found in 3,000 water systems serving 13 million people nationwide, according to the EPA.
Steam heating and hot water systems are fairly complex, and their malfunctions usually cannot be detected by simple observation.
The water system accounts for 50% of a furnace's downtime," said Corman.
Alternating high-level biocide treatment with chlorination and shockdosing the water system are likely to be more effective than continuous low-level dosing with a single biocide.
The water report estimates that in wet years the valley can obtain 100 percent of it 95,200 acre-foot ``entitlement'' from the state water system.
Enron is purchasing a water system in Wessex, England.
SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio Water System Board of Trustees today voted unanimously to deny a contract with Oil Mop, Inc.
Thus, this contract is to coordinate, develop, and provide training opportunities to certified operators and other public water system personnel to develop and enhance their knowledge of water system management, water treatment, water distribution system operation and maintenance, environmental regulations, and general water system compliance.
NYSE: PSC) today announced that it has signed a letter of intent to purchase the Malvern Borough Water System, which serves the community's 4,000 residents, for approximately $1.
At the end of March, the company's Pennsylvania subsidiary acquired the water system serving the Stonecroft Village development in Marion Township, Berks County, where the first phase of this age-restricted community is under construction.