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a substance (such as sodium chloride) that lessens the hardness of water by replacing calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions and so gives the water more efficient sudsing power

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A properly installed, and well maintained water softener has been proven to reduce calcium buildup, as well as lower energy and utility bills.
By this time the water softener had been joined by a line of Calgon bath salts and bath oils.
It had been hoped that water softeners would provide simple but effective relief for the many children who suffer from this itchy and uncomfortable condition.
They cost more than a water softener unit, but have no back wash, no upkeep with buying salts, and many don't use electricity.
The families have the water softener for 12 weeks, then it is taken away for another four to see if there is any change.
SANTA CLARITA -- Water softeners working away in Santa Clarita garages are threatening strawberry fields some 40 miles away, where the crops draw well water from a riverbed running from the suburbs through the farmland.
When a rinse is used for final cleansing, Wuz-Blak reacts as a water softener.
Another measure is to install a water softener which removes the calcium and magnesium salts from the water coming into the house and replaces them with sodium salts that do not form scale.
A water softener actually removes the calcium and magnesium salts from the water coming into the house and replaces them with sodium ones which do not form scale.
People ingest EDTA all the time because it is a water softener and is used to maintain color and flavor in foods such as mayonnaise, canned vegetables, and salad dressing.
New water softener has GE-exclusive features that make monitoring and maintaining salt levels easier
Tenders are invited for Salt, Water Softener, Morton, Suresalt 54040
San Antonio's water is notoriously hard, so one of the company's areas of expertise is water softener installation, repair, and maintenance services.
London, Jan 12 (ANI): Based on the results of a recent research, scientists are hopeful that installing a home water softener can help relieve children's eczema symptoms.