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right of access to water

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The committee will also continue its study of the process of changing a water right by revisiting the impacts of a piece of 2009 legislation.
But the watermaster, Michael Mattick, has reversed course and rescinded the order after city officials gathered evidence that Westfir held a long-forgotten water right that had been secured by the old mill almost a century ago, predating the water right established for the river's fish.
This situation complicates the definition of a water right and use of water markets because of the potential for third-party impairment from trade.
New Mexico American Water, a subsidiary of American Water (NYSE:AWK), reported on Friday that it has been granted emergency authorisation to combine water rights for wells producing potable water for the Clovis water system.
In general terms, the right to water authorizes the use of a flow of water from a particular source and requires one to abide by legally or locally established privileges associated with the water right--such as access and operational rights, decisionmaking and control rights, and representational rights, amongst others--provided that certain obligations associated with the water right are fulfilled.
3) The before and after approach compares the value of the proper" with the water right to the value of the property without the water right, with the difference being the indication of the contributing value of the water right to the property.
Focusing on modern legal developments, this study explains how AustraliaAEs marginalization of Aboriginal water rights negatively affects the living standards of Aboriginal communities and proves that Aboriginal water rights should be recognized as property rights.
Currently, water rights are illiquid assets, which create unnecessary risk by requiring the asset to be held for an unspecified amount of time.
Overturning aqua nullius aims to cultivate a new understanding of Aboriginal water rights and interests in the context of Aboriginal water concepts and water policy development in Australia.
However, Enel, which is taking an increasing interest in its relatively lucrative Latin American assets, has said that it does not want to carry out projects that are opposed by local communities and in August gave up its water rights to several smaller hydro projects.
The law, which failed last year, is a compromise between urban conservationists and farmers concerned about their water rights.
The Texas Supreme Court on Friday handed a victory to farmers, ranchers and other longstanding water rights holders by declining to take up a Brazos River case with widespread implications for future water battles in drought-prone Texas.
A promising solution seems to be a cap-and-trade scheme, which defines extraction limits while water rights can be traded to ensure an efficient water allocation.
Other possible steps include providing trading platforms, streamlining the regulatory process for water rights trading, and continuing adjustments in beneficial-use requirements for maintaining water rights to include environmental flows.
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