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right of access to water

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But the watermaster, Michael Mattick, has reversed course and rescinded the order after city officials gathered evidence that Westfir held a long-forgotten water right that had been secured by the old mill almost a century ago, predating the water right established for the river's fish.
This situation complicates the definition of a water right and use of water markets because of the potential for third-party impairment from trade.
In general terms, the right to water authorizes the use of a flow of water from a particular source and requires one to abide by legally or locally established privileges associated with the water right--such as access and operational rights, decisionmaking and control rights, and representational rights, amongst others--provided that certain obligations associated with the water right are fulfilled.
3) The before and after approach compares the value of the proper" with the water right to the value of the property without the water right, with the difference being the indication of the contributing value of the water right to the property.
Called water rights, these formal entitlements now pass down, with the land, from owner to owner as a form of property.
In 1977 there was a severe drought that resulted in numerous water calls, that is, junior water right holders were forced to stop diverting water so that more senior right holders could divert their full allotment.
Upholding a lower court's ruling, the 13th Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi on Thursday ruled that Texas cannot give special treatment to cities or power generators over more "senior" water rights holders on parched rivers - even if the state declares it necessary to protect the "public health, safety and welfare.
Description: The water rights acquisition program is an ongoing program to purchase and transfer senior-priority water rights into
Ranchos Vice President and General Manager, Scott Weldy, indicates investing in water rights means less dependence on the leased water market and less exposure to likely future increases in the cost of leased water rights.
Though the Winters doctrine is supposed to guarantee water rights for tribes; how, when, and where to implement the law continues to be an area of controversy and litigation.
The Province of Alberta is currently reviewing its approach to the allocation, licensing and transfer of water rights.
This book is a call to respect the water rights of First Nations and create a new water ethic in Canada and beyond.
John Mabey is widely recognized for water rights consultation and finding solutions to his clients' water rights needs and disputes.
a Texas company, acquired very valuable water rights in 1900.
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