water milfoil

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an aquatic plant of the genus Myriophyllum having feathery underwater leaves and small inconspicuous flowers

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Choose a combination of the following native pond and bog plants: spiked water milfoil, water starwort, rigid hornwort, potamogeton, frog bit, water plantain, yellow flag iris, marsh marigold, ragged robin, meadow sweet and purple loosestrife.
Eurasian water milfoil is another plant that is creating problems in the Great Lakes, Massive beds of the plant can make boating and swimming impossible and can reduce fish and invertebrate populations.
Examples of oxygenating plants include water buttercup, curly pond weed, water milfoil, and hornwort.
The dense mats of water chestnut shade other plants such as native water celery and Eurasian water milfoil, which wildlife use as food.
Although the native host of the milfoil weevil is the northern water milfoil (Myriophyllum sibiricum = M.
Schmidt beer, announced the sponsorship of a fund raising campaign designed to find solutions to eliminate the Eurasian Water Milfoil plant, which is growing out of control in some Minnesota lakes.
Invasive weeds, including exotic species not native to New England that have invaded Sturbridge, include Eurasian water milfoil, fanwort, curly pond weed and water chestnut.
The weeds, water milfoil and fan wort, have spread to half of the lake, choking off vital parts of the ecosystem and making intervention urgent.
Association President Ken White said an environmental study done by Lycott Environmental of Southbridge showed the pond has water milfoil, an aggressive non-native water plant.