water gun

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plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts water

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Jumping aboard, we're informed that sitting on one side allows you more of an opportunity to soak passers-by and go into battle with the scamps who'll man the arsenal of water guns lining our route.
Each child received a personalized visitor badge, marksmanship certificate and water gun.
Twenty-six-year-old Rudolph Gary is accused of fatally shooting Howard Williams, 23, in the chest after Williams' super-soaker water gun sprayed Gary's girlfriend's cellphone.
Bomb crews hit the suitcase with a water gun and examined it, Assistant Fire Chief Jack Williams said.
Fix the bag to the water gun, fill it, mix it, stir it up.
And I presume that they were only going to enforce the water gun ban against criminals, too
What sets this water gun apart from other high-volume spray toys is the weblike spiral form the water takes as it shoots up to 30 feet.
who developed the Lamb Water Gun Knife still used by the potato processing industry to slice french fries, has been posthumously inducted into the Frozen Food Industry Hall of Fame in the USA.
This pump-action water gun doesn't use the old-fashioned stream of water to reach its victim but a perfectly formed ball of water.
End result: the ultimate water gun to soak your friends from a safe distance.
However, he insisted that measures had been taken to keep runners away from the wet patch near the last flight where the water gun had been situated.
Diller suggests that if you've got kids with you, run with a large water gun.
Negative press hurt sales, and revenues from the water gun are down to $70 million annually.
The authors describe their concern when the Franklins' son and his friends played an innocent game of toss with a realistic water gun in their living room.
As part of the Consent Judgment, Buzz Bee acknowledged that certain of its water gun products infringe Hasbro's patent.