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Synonyms for water glass

a viscous glass consisting of sodium silicate in solution

a glass for drinking water

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gauge for indicating the level of water in e

clock that measures time by the escape of water

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And I am only the usher, the setter of water glasses, the fixer of microphones, an accidental driver.
They obviously have forgotten about those clear, cylindrical liquid holders that that would accomplish the same goal: water glasses.
Where can I buy reasonably-priced black wine and water glasses to complement them?
Our water glasses were filled, our menus and the wine list delivered, our aperitifs on the way, but we hadn't yet lifted a fork.
When there weren't any magnolias for a centerpiece, my mother let me fluff colored napkins into the water glasses at each place setting, and sometimes I'd slip in a spray-painted pine cone or two.
uk have hundreds of glasses - from the huge ones for red wine to elegant water glasses.
It also has sky blue Rubber plant pots, and deep blue French Water Glasses.
The service was impeccable with water glasses filled, empty plates spirited away and polite staff throughout the evening.
Bartenders poured wine into water glasses for diners in the restaurant.
When the water glasses she gave us appeared dirty, we chose to walk out.
In glassware, Riedel brought out the red and green Christmas variations of the O glass that it first showed at the Tendence fair in Frankfurt, Germany, last month, along with an O decanter, O for Two (a gift set that includes two O glasses and a small decanter), and H2O, straight-sided water glasses.
A parade of Hitchcock doubles walks through, sits, or sleeps in the Palais des Beaux-Arts, amid Hitchcockian/Magrittean motifs like birds, bowler hats, and water glasses on umbrellas.
To base our decision on sound science, the scientists told us we needed to test the water glasses of about 3,000 people.