water gas

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a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide with small amounts of other gases

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NAPWO offers a cold water gas belt drive power washer with dual cast iron pulleys, Triplex plunger oil bath pump for longevity, Briggs Vanguard 18 HP motor, adjustable pressure unloader, aluminum frame with 10" pneumatic tires for $2833.
Gazprom began to consider the idea of an under water gas pipeline after Poland failed to meet its obligations over the Yamal-Europe pipeline, which had been planned to pass through Russia, Belarus and Poland.
The Shell and Texaco portion of the project will include the installation and operation of deep water gas wells, along with extensive onshore and offshore production facilities and a 500 kilometre subsea pipeline.
We also own 77% of American Resources Offshore, an exploration and production company which primarily has shallow water gas reserves in the Gulf of Mexico.
Contract notice: Sewage water gas equipment 16e00244 - 21,440,054 pdafb eutin / new application training hall, sv civil code.