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a pass in a mountain ridge through which a stream flows

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In the case of the immersion testing using phased array it is an inverse problem--how to calculate required water gap range, when the focal point depth in the test object is known.
1 billion people in that year didn't have access to clean water and the water gap was - and is - increasing at an accelerating rate.
Renewable energy desalination; an emerging solution to close the water gap in the Middle East and North Africa.
The session included a number of working papers including the Sultanate's experience in solving the scarcity of water problem, the water challenges in the Sultanate, the solutions proposed by the government to fill the water gap, the Sultanate's trend to expand the use of renewable energy resources and the history of Aflaj in the Sultanate, in addition to other environmental issues and alternative solution that address water scarcity problem.
Levi LaVallee and Robbie Maddison cleared a 300ft water gap in tandem as crowds cheered them on.
343, Military Nonstandard Fixed Bridging, "Engineers [can] create ice bridges by floating large sections of ice cut from the rear of the ice pack into a transverse position across the water gap.
Filling the global water gap by supply measures alone would cost an estimated 124 billion pounds per year.
Funds were used to directly preserve five national wildlife refuges, the Morristown National Historic Park, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, the Appalachian Trail and many national historic sites.
Fernwood Hotel and Resort is a 440-acre Pocono Mountain resort located off I-80 in Pennsylvania adjacent to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
ABSTRACT: A trackway (Kouphichnium Nopcsa 1923) attributed to a horseshoe crab is described for the first time, from the Bloomsburg Red Beds (Silurian: Ludlow Series), of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, New Jersey.
16 at a lovely spot in Delaware Water Gap, PA--just a few miles from my hometown of Bangor.
Laird Technologies (Delaware Water Gap, PA) has announced its new line of EIA 0201 Ferrite Chip Beads that extends the existing 0402 to 3312 surface-mounted monolithic EMI suppression product families.
The mussel was first discovered in the upper basin in 2000 during extensive surveys of two units of the National Parks System, the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
A week later the boys pulled out their canoes for the final time at the Delaware Water Gap National Park site.
209 up through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to charming Milford, Pa.