water fountain

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a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water

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In order to encourage periodic cleaning in fountains of all sizes, Water Fountain Place has provided a free guide to fountain cleaning on their website.
The team also explored the nymphaeum - a water fountain house probably built in the first century AD -- where people could get fresh cool water.
So, the state-of-the-art water fountain --seven years and who knows how many dollars later--is finally complete.
And the result was this spectacular water fountain in Cowrakes Road, Lindley, yesterday afternoon.
An Emirati driver died yesterday after losing control of his vehicle and smashing into a water fountain.
The black cast-iron figure cost about pounds 5,000 and consists of part of a water fountain which for years had taken pride of place in the town's park.
The way Katherman made his point shocked his classmates, teachers, the school's administrators and members of the school board, who had no idea just how gross a water fountain could be.
During the time I was growing up, you couldn't just go up to a water fountain and drink,'' he says.
Norovirus outbreak among primary schoolchildren who had played in a recreational water fountain.
Three floors of the Severn Trent Water building in Birmingham were swamped when a corroded pipe connected to a water fountain gave way.
Comparison with samples from the local municipal drinking water supplies indicated that both metals and bacteria were the result of secondary contamination at the water fountain sites.
Perhaps the show's most perceptive framing of this Mobius strip of mind and object lies in the three-tier water fountain that forms the central element of Klaus Weber's proposed Public Fountain LSD Hall, 2003.
D27244_8 HERE WE GO: Friends Harry Moy, aged 10, and Lauren Gyr, nine, on the inflatable slide (above) and (below) Charlie Fowler, aged nine, has a go D27244_4 D27244_9 FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: Kirsty Robinson, aged six, lets it all wash over her in the water fountain (above, left) and (left) brother and sister Liam Riman, aged 10, and Darcy Riman, eight, on the inflatable activity bridge.
It's also called bag, water, sterilizing and is the field version of a water fountain.
The right solutions can put the sticky process valve at the top of maintenance's to-do list, and the leaky water fountain pump at the bottom.