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a filter to remove impurities from the water supply

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So, in an inadvertent way, I proved the water filter worked because the others who drank from a bottle with a filter in it didn't get sick.
He stated this while responding to an adjournment motion tabled by the MQM-Pakistan MPA Engineer Sabir Hussain Kaimkhani regarding the 100 water filter plants of Hyderabad city which have become non-functional.
The ceramic water filter project was headed by Blessie Basilia, chief of the ITDI-Materials Science Division.
For every LifeStraw water filter sold, one child in rural Kenya receives safe water for an entire school year.
He Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Minister for Local Bodies and city government authorities to look into the matter of Karachi Water Filter Plant at Super Highway and take immediate action.
Today, there is a greater range of water filters available on the market.
Seeing the importance of having clean water after calamities strike, a lawmaker has filed a bill requiring all provinces and cities nationwide to acquire water filters to secure sufficient and safe water supply during disasters.
The EveryDrop Water Filter starter kit includes an EveryDrop Water Filter, a protective travel case and a micro contaminant replacement filter.
Hydrologic Social Enterprise produces and sells ceramic water filters that provide safe drinking water to rural households of Cambodia.
In addition to constructing the on-site water filters, the students began work on a cooperative extension unit that will teach the local people about fruit and vegetable production, drilling wells, water purification, and nutritional needs.
The integrated water filter improves cost-in-use and sustainability by decreasing water and chemical usage and increasing worker productivity, saving a typical facility around USD6,000 per annum in labour costs.
STAFF at home store Taskers are appealing for the owner of a lost gold wedding ring to get in touch, after it was found inside a returned water filter.
To find some more clues, let's consider for a moment the use of water at present, in the global sense and retrace some steps that led to the production of water filter pots in developing regions.
The remarkable potential of the hygienic water filter pipe is that it does not need electricity but sucking power of the user kills diseases.
The new water filter can be purchased nationwide at major retailers.