water down

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make less strong or intense

thin by adding water to

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It would be a backward step if the UK government were to water down the scope of this Act.
The Lib Dem AM said: "Any plans to water down the Freedom of Information Act would badly affect our ability to not only hold the UK Government to account, but also the Welsh Government.
The head of the Irish central bank has said that the bank would not water down its mortgage proposals, which have not been well received by banks and the government.
EUROPEAN Union (EU) agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel came out fighting today--attacking politicians who want to water down her proposed root-and-branch reforms for the EU's stagnating wine sector.
Assuming the pipelines that carry water down from Northern California or from the east of us are not broken, the reason we don't have water after a large earthquake is because we have no electricity to run the pumping stations.
The multi-material sandwich tolerates higher and lower temperatures than other die-plate materials, CDL says, allowing melt at up to 650 F to flow through the die holes and colder water down to 34 F to contact the cutting surface without polymer freeze-off.
1 primary defeated several candidates for the Kansas State Board of Education who wanted to water down the teaching of evolution, returning the board to moderate hands.
He was ahead of his time in appreciating that you did not need to water down what yon believed in order to find unity.
Then muscles push the water down to a tube that leads to the stomach.
Although you personally may choose to water down your curses (heck
Rather than water down our beliefs--the approach of the last 30-odd years--why not stand up, rejoice and sing the praises of Jesus loudly and clearly?
Historic Old Pulteney distillery in Wick pours millions of litres of hot water down the drain each year.