water crowfoot

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plant of ponds and slow streams having submerged and floating leaves and white flowers

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Abi Mansley, programmes officer at Northumberland National Park Authority, said: "The water crowfoot survey is one of the activities we have carried out as part of our drive to enhance nature within the national park.
Restoration of proper light conditions, by cutting shaded area to less than 70%, for water crowfoot in the project s target rivers;
Water crowfoot - Producing white flowers above water during May - July, the leaves and stems provide food and shelter for fish and aquatic insects.
Some of them are Kings Cups, Water Blobs, May Blobs, Mollyblobs, Horseblobs, Bull's Eyes, Leopard's Foot, Marybuds, Water Dragon, Cow Lily, Soldier Buttons, Water Goggles, Gools, Drunkards and Water Crowfoot.
Scarce plants such as the pale dog-violet, yellow centaury and three-lobed water crowfoot have popped up on some of the St David's Commons within areas that were burnt, grazed and cut back using tractor-mounted flail mowers.
River plants, such as the brook water crowfoot, are at risk from soil-loss from fields, which can also hamper the breeding of trout, salmon and a range of insects.
That moody shot of the tall spikes of purple loosestrife against an evening sky where storm clouds are gathering features in the chapter dedicated to Wales along with images of the fiery yellow and purple of dwarf gorse and bell heather on the Lleyn Peninsula, water crowfoot in Powys and the modest pennywort, being consumed by a banded snail in Cerigydidion.