water chute

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chute with flowing water down which toboggans and inner tubes and people slide into a pool

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At the bottom of the Water Chute ride at Coney Beach funfair in August 1990
Nursery and reception classes joined together to make models from junk materials (one model they made was a giant blue dinosaur named Ecosaurus), play a water chute game (where the water was reused and not wasted), learn how to make a healthy fruit salad (and eat it) and make bird feeders to attract more birds into the garden.
Attractions at the Spanish city funfair included the Social Whirl, Water Chute, Rainbow Pleasure Wheel, Joy Wheel, and Ye Olde Mill featuring a tunnel where boats floated past a Swiss valley, fairy castle, and an Indian jungle.
DAREDEVIL kayakers risking life and limb by canoeing down a 300ft water chute over a dam at the Llyn Brianne Reservoir, near Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, west Wales were slated yesterday.
The funnyman, who is favourite to win the show, stepped forward as the first person to take the plunge in the water chute.
You name it, this campsite has it, with a choice of restaurants including a pizzeria, a buffet restaurant and an a la carte with an outdoor terrace and bar overlooking a huge swimming pool complex complete with a massive water chute.
Visiting at half-term though does mean queuing and when we saw the winding line of bodies alongside the water chute I made the snap decision that this was one day we were not going to get a soaking.
There, you can buy anything from the famous Brighton rock to Henna tattoos, have your fortune told, buy a pair of non-designer sunglasses and chomp on hot dogs, burgers and '99' ice-creams, if you haven't already spent your money at the funfair on the end of the pier, with its big dipper, water chute, waltzer and dodgems.
Underground drainage:: 150 m drainage channel in the outer region,: about 1400 m water drainage channel in the base plate,: a Fettabscheideanlage,: a fire water chute,: a rainwater pump shaft.
Dr David Parry clambered up the frame of the water chute ride at the Coney Beach funfair and jumped off onto a roof to reach Timothy Morgan after a lighting rig fell into the path of the high-speed ride during high winds on April 1, 1994.
You can buy a standard circular pool with inflatable sides for less than pounds 5 at Tesco but older children might like something more sophisticated, such as a water chute they can slide on.
Being soaked to the skin on a water chute and having to travel home sitting on a towel wrapped in my cardigan.
A Great Water Chute, an 80ft-high Himalayan Railway, and an African village where 100 Senegalese lived in mud huts were other attractions, as well as a boating lake with a bridge.
There was no cosy blaze and the ventilation we tried to create for it was now a water chute.