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a bottle for holding water

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com/, is a niche site that is devoted to a specialized product line of custom water bottles.
HidrateMe is a BPA-free, smart water bottle that automatically tracks water intake via Bluetooth to a smartphone application.
The Contigo Autoseal Gizmo Sip water bottle was designed to keep kids hydrated, healthy and clean with a unique lid featuring bright colours and engaging mechanisms that make hydration both fun and functional for the whole family.
concrete model for The Water Bottle NV, LLC, operated by Dapper Companies.
Different consumers have different water bottle preferences, said Starr, "so the type of interface is important.
The AutoSeal Grace water bottle offers convenient one-handed drinking at the push of a button.
They're the Eugene Water & Electric Board's 24-ounce aluminum water bottles that will make their debut in the coaches' box during the Ducks' opening game against the Nicholls State University Colonels.
It meets many different animals along the way, from the water strider to the loggerhead turtle, and each animal teaches the water bottle about itself, its origins, its journey and those of other pollutants in the watershed.
Nevertheless, any water bottle reused again and again without washing is subject to contamination with bacteria.
01 Betty Boop hot water bottle and eye mask, Argos, was pounds 19.
HYDROS, A SOCIALLY AND ECO-CONSCIOUS COMPANY, offers the Hydros Filtering Water Bottle featuring an innovative side fill port.
Los Angeles, Sep 15 (ANI): An Orange County man accused of ejaculating into his female co-worker's water bottle on two separate occasions has apparently pleaded not guilty to the charges.
DON'T put a water bottle on your dispenser before ensuring where it's been.
Fill up your own reusable Tappening water bottle with cap water.
There has been a steady broadening of usage occasions over the past few years, with many consumers using a reusable water bottle, all day, every day.