water boatman

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carnivorous aquatic bug having paddle-like hind legs

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The water boatman can swim freely and breathe in water.
The male water boatman rubs his penis or "genitalia appendage" against the uneven surface of his abdomen, like a wooden spoon against a washboard in order to make the loud noise.
We went pond dipping and had a fab time," said Zoe Camplin (9), describing one of the group activities, "First, Alison showed us how to use a net and catch something like a water boatman, snail, caddis fly larvae and more.
With a boat for a body; oars for legs, a built-in scuba tank and wings that can propel it for five miles, a water boatman doesn't let a little thing like winter slow it down.
Young Lesser water boatman stares straight at me, one long pair of
For instance, water boatman bugs can live in low-oxygen water, but stonefly larvae need plenty of oxygen.