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Synonyms for watchword

Synonyms for watchword

a slogan used to rally support for a cause

a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group

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Moderation is usually a good watchword, and new research suggests that this holds true for people worried about fat.
Now, we need to adopt transparency as the watchword for our own rules and procedures.
Sticking together" was a watchword as Army and Navy port operators worked around-the-clock Dec.
Hybridity is the watchword of the seventy performances Murphy has slated for REDCAT'S first four months.
Instant gratification is the watchword of American business.
Accountability is the watchword in fundraising, since the most important asset of a fundraiser is trust," Dr.
Value for money is the watchword since the winery has been around a long time.
But even a man for whom patience is a watchword has his limits.
Their watchword was the famous exclamation by Commodore Vanderbilt: "The public be damned.
To this undertaking, in which he participates with the other scholars just mentioned, and many others too, and which might seem fairly familiar to those for whom "the Other" has now been a critical watchword for some time, Cassuto brings several noteworthy and different approaches that deserve attention.
Versatility became the watchword for Discas' recycling and compounding equipment.
Then religious sectarianism becomes the watchword, and at the extreme end of the spectrum unwitting slaves to gurus commit murder or suicide at their behest.
Sustainable development, the watchword of natural-resource management in the 90s, is defined in terms of maximizing current resource use, but not beyond the point at which future options will be reduced.