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an observation tower for a lookout to watch over prisoners or watch for fires or enemies

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The world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses has been located at 25/30 Columbia Heights for decades and is familiar to many New Yorkers for its marquee Watchtower sign and clock.
Israeli soldiers conducted the house-to-house raid and search campaign purportedly looking for some people suspected of opening fire on the military watchtower last Monday.
The Hebrew media claimed that the soldiers opened fire at the kid after he threw a homemade explosive device at a watchtower located at the entrance to Aida camp.
Critique: A fascinating read from beginning to end, "Wall, Watchtower, and Pencil Stub: Writing During World War II" is an informed and informative history of how the literature arising from the pens of the men and women who lived through it had a profound and enduring impact upon American popular culture.
Summary: A thin red line of defense is emerging along Lebanon's northern border as the Lebanese Army builds a series of fortified watchtowers to help check the spillover from Syria's civil war, including the threat posed by extremist militants holed up in mountains east of Arsal.
Coun Susan Dungworth, council policy board member for adult care and public health, said: "The Northstar Centre's photography group is filled with talented members and I'm pleased their photographs are getting the recognition they deserve by being displayed in the Watchtower Gallery.
PLANS to replace a watchtower which plays a vital role in saving lives have been handed a cash boost.
The Watchtower, first published in 1966, is a psychological novel of class and power set in Sydney in the 1940s.
IT is encouraging to learn that the heritage of the Watchtower at Watchtower Bay in Barry is to be finally preserved and has been sold at auction.
Um Riham, 27, and her two young daughters currently reside in a three-story watchtower in the Beersaree area.
Lajee Center is located in the camp that is near the Israeli military watchtower and the Israeli Apartheid wall that passes besides the city.
Theories for its origins include a watchtower used by Owain Gwynedd circa 1157, or a windmill, but the most probable explanation is that it was a beacon for watching out for pirates in the 17th century
Johnnie Tait and David Dunn are packing their tools as they fly out to Stalag luft prisoner of war camp in Zagan to reconstruct the watchtower.
Stringer announced a $1 million allocation that will complete the preservation of the historic Fire Watchtower in Harlem's Marcus Garvey park--the last such 19th century structure standing in New York City.
In its statement, the ministry also announced the appointment of a specialised firm to undertake the restoration of an iconic watchtower standing sentinel-like over the historical district of Muttrah in the capital area.