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a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist

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The powerful new test means traces gleaned from a watchstrap or a single flake of dandruff can yield enough data for DNA analysis for detectives to be able to identify criminals.
Accessories for LIT include a watchstrap, clip, and lanyard with additional style and color options still in development.
This machine has a speed capability of up to 120 per minute and will run full sleeves as well as watchstrap styles.
Never known for covering up her charms, she stunned onlookers at a celebrity event last night by turning up in a skirt smaller than a decent watchstrap.
Much of the circuitry is contained in the watchstrap, which is said to have many other functions the California-based designers are keeping secret until nearer the launch date.
The Whereify Personal Locator is a chunky GPS on a watchstrap and is being touted to keep an eye on children and forgetful elderly relatives
However, because D2 Europack's smoothwall trivet tray can be heat-sealed using an easy peel clear barrier film, a standard watchstrap sleeve is sufficient and allows consumers to clearly see the product either side.
Now, there was a time when you could write "Turbo" on a watchstrap and it would sell by the million.
The important issue is that you specialise in watchstraps and if someone were to type the word watchstrap into a search engine you would need to be in a prominent position.
Also invest in a good watchstrap - a frayed or tarnished strap can take from the look of your outfit.
A couple of days on a beach, a cold glass of bubbly, a bag of crisps and a chance to get a tan under my watchstrap.
Shinola's Leather Factory has begun by producing a portion of Shinola's leather watchstraps and will expand to small leather goods and eventually handbags.
id=1218308263564&skuId=2074092) inexpensive, interchangeable leather watchstraps , as it did with its sixth-generation iPod Nano.