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a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist

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I liked the look of it but it was not until I had driven this little car for quite some time that I realised just how amazingly comfortable the watchstrap leather design was for your back.
Apart from the splendid jewellers, Roberts, who recently charged my wife 20 pence for a watchstrap repair, there is Suit Sity, where you can get an instant cheap gents' suit or have anything altered to fit.
The two-tone roof I could live without, and the PS200 reversing camera, too, if it meant I had money to spare for the optional PS1300 Nappa Watchstrap Leather pack.
The two-tone roof I could live without, and the reversing camera too if it meant I had money to spare for the optional Nappa Watchstrap Leather pack.
Inside, the DS 5 is plush and luxurious, especially with the new leather pack with the very desirable and much sought-after watchstrap leather design.
The customer will be able to add options including pearlescent white paint for A$1000, black or alezan watchstrap leather upholstery for A$2500 or a 10-speaker sound system for A$1000.
Pasty white arm lifted up, watchstrap flapping in the breeze - the effect speaks for itself.
The system incorporates one of the company's wraparound sleever running with a brand new patent pending sleeve design which represents at least a 25 per cent material saving even with watchstrap and band sleeves.
The powerful new test means traces gleaned from a watchstrap or a single flake of dandruff can yield enough data for DNA analysis for detectives to be able to identify criminals.
The model I was driving had fabulous two-tone seats in the very desirable DS watchstrap leather, which looks good and feels even better.
This machine has a speed capability of up to 120 per minute and will run full sleeves as well as watchstrap styles.
Instead, buy a more modest engine and put any extra cash you want to spend towards options such as the lovely watchstrap design semi-leather seats.
Inside it comes in two simple trims, Elegance and Prestige, which sports the signature DS leather watchstrap finish that is so attractive and a wonderful panoramic roof beloved of babies everywhere ?
However, because D2 Europack's smoothwall trivet tray can be heat-sealed using an easy peel clear barrier film, a standard watchstrap sleeve is sufficient and allows consumers to clearly see the product either side.