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Synonyms for watchdog

Synonyms for watchdog

a guardian or defender against theft or illegal practices or waste

a dog trained to guard property

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Digital Watchdog is a leading manufacturer of security and surveillance solutions, offering stunning image quality, advanced hardware capabilities, reliable customer support and lowest total cost of deployment to the analog & IP megapixel surveillance markets.
Charlotte Moore, controller of BBC One, said: "Annie is a muchtreasured part of the BBC One family and I'm grateful for everything she has done on Watchdog for nearly 15 years.
Benitez said that the DOE feels that the watchdog is a good deterrent in oil disparity and price manipulation.
Further, watchdogs also want more regular checks to ensure banks do not manipulate figures.
Spyridakis said there were indications that the watchdog would no longer be under the auspices of the Justice Ministry which as the police's political supervisor suggested a conflict of interests.
The WatchDog 750 LRIT terminal is built on our proven Iridium-based VMS technology, which is in use on commercial fishing vessels around the world to meet regulatory requirements for tracking and monitoring," said Mark O'Brien, vice president and general manager of Faria WatchDog, Inc.
Apparently, according to Watchdog, con artists have been setting up fake shopping websites full of phantom goods and pinching real money from poor dupes, a couple of whom Watchdog managed to turn up last night (with more reconstructions, this time of people typing on computer keyboards and pointing at a monitor - the excitement was almost unbearable).
Watchdog expected a decent seat for the money, but found that nowhere on Ticketmaster's or the FA website was there a stadium seating plan.
Election Watchdog noted that the MTBE case brought by Communities for a Better Environment under the Unfair Business Competition law "would not have been possible if Prop 64 were law because the initiative eliminates the ability of public interest organizations to enforce California's environmental and public health and safety protections.
EU watchdogs said the list of passengers' personal data to be passed on to the United States should be narrowed down and its use limited to terrorism and related crimes.
Their creation is encouraged by the industries,'' said Andy Draheim, a San Francisco-based official with the governmental watchdog group Common Cause.
WiFi Watchdog works with any standard wireless LAN (WLAN) deployment to detect, monitor and secure the location of all 802.
WatchDOG SSN, WatchDOG PHOTO ID, and WatchDOG CIP are three new software products from ATTUS Technologies of Charlotte, North Carolina, designed to identify fraud in the financial services industry and help institutions comply with the Patriot Act.
Newbury Networks WiFi Watchdog alerts IT managers when an intruder accesses a company's 802.
One key point of contact between federal law enforcement agencies and the "watchdog" community is the "Militia Watchdog Mailing List," an e-mail discussion forum established through the State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training program (SLATT).