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A draft of their advice was apparently deposited into a wastepaper bin but somehow found its way into the hands of Rachel Baird, a reporter for Express Newspapers.
Afternoon Teas of poker games all hands but no hearts up for grabs surprise surprise the in-tray's empty already doesn't time fly when you're having fun much of it discreetly put in the 2 hard file cum wastepaper bin must be the homing hour 8 selfless 1s sacrificed for the common good no 1's privileged with sufficient evidence to label me a clock-watching public servant except the clock and it's been bribed into virtual silence only a nervous tic every 2nd 2nd and a compensating tock each alternate 1 just to remind us it's there.
Two fire engines were called out to deal with the blaze which spread to a nearby wastepaper bin.
It all sounds like a terrible, misguided mess, doomed to the wastepaper bin of failed Branson projects, alongside his bids to run the National Lottery and ITV.
A taxi was called, a hospital visited, a wastepaper bin was taken off the coach driver's head, no-one found out and 0-0 was had and we all got home safely and not a word was written by the press.
Detectives believe the pensioner's killer set fire to her bedding and a wastepaper bin as she slept in her room at the Victoria Mews home in Stoke, 1 Coventry, last Sunday.
Once, the wastepaper bin was set on fire, while everyone was singing Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo.
The first important rule for wannabe elite shoppers is to consign all unsolicited brochures to the wastepaper bin.
When the wastepaper bin and magazine rack are on display alongside carefully chosen furniture it makes sense to ensure it compliments the room.
After all, what can be more environmentally friendly than creating a wastepaper bin out of the waste paper you were planning to bin?
The airport bomb exploded in a wastepaper bin, showering tourists with flying glass and debris.
Oscar Isaac's new thriller is less a film and more an exercise in fatuous posing by characters spouting the sort of oneliners you'd find in Nick Cave's wastepaper bin.
An element of Martin Boyce's installation is a wastepaper bin which arguably makes him a hostage to fortune.
Detectives believe that the pensioner's killer set fire to her bedding and a wastepaper bin as she slept in her room at a Coventry nursing home late last Sunday.
I can't help it when I see a pretty blonde teenager turn into a yob and drop her McDonald's bag on to the pavement while standing within six feet of a wastepaper bin.