wastepaper basket

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a container with an open top

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Balls of crunched up paper hitting the wastepaper basket, beads of sweat running down the tortured writer's brow and cigarettes being chain smoked as the words refuse to flow.
At some point, you have to face the fact that, as a journalist, you'll never enjoy that wide-eyed moment when one of your older colleagues accidentally starts his wastepaper basket on fire with his cigarette, as happened in Bend.
If they are moronic, they go in the wastepaper basket, but if they are reasonable points, I try to explain.
Hart sat still for a moment and then, with a tactician's instinct for the devastating counterstrike, stood up, seized a wastepaper basket, and jammed it over Eden's head.
The school equivalent of the water fountain or coffee-vending machine at the office is the wastepaper basket at the corner of the classroom of the junior section.
He waves his fist at the moon and checks in the wastepaper basket in case anyone's dropped pounds 2.
I would have thrown away the Declaration of Human Rights in the wastepaper basket, torn off my clothes and gone into the street like Tarzan -- it seems the world has turned into a jungle in which a father is willing to offer his child to a man in his 80s.
In the same week that Marilyn Monroe's skirt was blown up as she stood above an air vent, in New York, Duggie Livingstone suffered the humiliation of seeing his team sheet lying crumpled in a wastepaper basket.
The slightest interference by Israel, or attempt to re-seal GazaCOs borders, should have resulted in the EU-Israel Agreements being torn up and consigned to the wastepaper basket of history.
One apparently read: "A letter from the Queen must have fallen by accident into the wastepaper basket beside the table in the library.
There, we lived in one room, our son in his crib in one corner, my studio the rickety table in the other, a cardboard box making do for a wastepaper basket filled with poem after poem only I would ever see, written on the back of scrapped assignments for classes at London University.
Sullivan uses a small wastepaper basket to scoop crabs from between cushions or under desks.
I suspect that I am the only teacher at my school who regularly checks the wastepaper basket and recycling bins in our workroom for reusable materials.
The manager refused to remove the vegetable from his desk and even fished it out of the wastepaper basket when the lad thought he had made enough mortgage leads.
I then ordered a new wastepaper basket (or as the generals refer to it, a circular file system) for $2,098,987.