waste of money

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money spent for inadequate return

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He said: "It is an absolute joke, a complete waste of money.
RAGING Bobby Robson has denied making a move for Lorenzo Amoruso and branded the Rangers star a waste of money.
I have worked for the NHS for 28 years and know the main cause of the problem is the appalling waste of money that goes on - things like managers spending vast amounts of money on an office that very few people will ever see the inside of.
EDMONTON -- A government study of Alberta's corrections programs is a waste of money that could be better spent on health care and education, says the union representing the province's jail guards.
A decision to create a new post of transportation strategy supremo for Birmingham City Council, on a pounds 60,000-a-year salary, has been condemned as a waste of money by Conservatives.
While noninvasive technologies permit detailed examination of the spine, such imaging may prove not only a waste of money, but also counterproductive to diagnosing the source of pain, a new study suggests.
It's a positive way to determine whether safe advertising is a waste of money.
Stephanie Forster: "What a waste of money and another blot on the landscape.
HS2 link is just a waste of money AS a regular user of the rail infrastructure travelling from Birmingham to London every morning I cannot understand the necessity for the proposed HS2 link.
Children's Village - waste of money; Drift Park - waste of money; Sky Tower - waste of money.
THE sudden closure of St Thomas Day Centre in Longford seems a great pity, but more to the point what a waste of money.
pounds 24,000 is a frivolous waste of money on things such as this.
Conservative AM for North Wales, Mark Isherwood, said: What an astronomical waste of money.
What an absurd waste of money when the NHS is grossly underfunded.
The Wales Office has been branded a waste of money after new figures raised questions about what its staff do.