waste of effort

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a useless effort

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So it is a waste of effort to just cast the scraps back into a chip cooker, he says.
I might be in the minority on this one, but I thought the game was meaningless and a complete waste of effort for supporters and especially the players, who have had a tough enough season already, and with the most important part to come.
The argument sounds right to those who ignore the waste of effort, scarce resources, and the delayed social costs that we dump on the next generations.
The term "re-inventing the wheel" is often used derisively, usually referring to an activity deemed a waste of effort.
Peter Huxley cries tears over his computer at a waste of effort
Stamping the software out altogether would be a waste of effort, or as Fisher put it: "It is not necessary for Microsoft to push Netscape to zero to prevent a platform-shifting event.
A tax such as the one she is referring to is ludicrous and a waste of effort and precious time on behalf of the city.
I feel that to put Bob Diamond in jail would be a total waste of effort.
Appealing to the committee at AGM is a waste of effort.
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