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Synonyms for waste

Synonyms for waste

to use up foolishly or needlessly

to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

to pass (time) without working or in avoiding work

to fail to take advantage of


to do away with completely and destructively

to destroy completely as or as if by conquering

to take the life of (a person or persons) unlawfully

a tract of unproductive land

Synonyms for waste

the trait of wasting resources

an uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation

(law) reduction in the value of an estate caused by act or neglect

spend thoughtlessly

use inefficiently or inappropriately

run off as waste


Related Words

get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing

lose vigor, health, or flesh, as through grief

Related Words

cause to grow thin or weak

cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly

become physically weaker

located in a dismal or remote area

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Ban on Medical Waste Incinerators in the US Triggers Growth II-14
Ingenthron stresses that not all waste exports are bad.
The hazardous waste included heavy metals, metal-plating byproducts, arsenic and corrosive and caustic liquids, said state Department of Toxic Substances Control spokeswoman Jeanne Garcia.
His ESA technology uses a jacketed pressure vessel that's equipped with an arm assembly attached to a motor drive shaft that rotates to grind and break up all forms of solid and liquid waste.
The proposed regulations would abandon the current approach of identifying solid waste disposal facilities that qualify for tax-exempt financing in favor of focusing on the type of Facility used.
Though Minnesota has not, like Massachusetts, banned TV and computer cathode ray tubes (CRTs) from its landfills, Tony Hainault of the state Office of Environmental Assistance says there has long been sentiment there to get old electronics out of the waste stream.
This opportunity is being promoted by local officials looking for an inexpensive material to improve the property, and state solid waste officials have approved the use of foundry sand for these purposes.
Longtime opponents of the landfill said Waste Management is simply ``green-washing'' their operations - adopting environmentally friendly slogans and easy projects without making changes at the dump that would truly improve Sun Valley's environment.
For many municipalities, franchise agreements, whether exclusive or non-exclusive, provide some control over the waste and recycling stream.
1, 1994, most observers touted hazardous waste treatment as one of the industries that would most benefit from increased foreign investment.
Through an innovative waste management program that controls and tracks each aspect of the waste removal and recycling process, HVS-R/E Hospitality Waste Management Systems tailors its services to individual hotels' needs in order to significantly lower the cost of solid waste removal, free management resources to focus on core business issues, streamline operations, and centralize waste recycling and disposal functions.
Aware that imposing such standards on the small incinerators used for medical waste could be very costly, and that the requirements could force hospitals and nursing homes to abandon the use of incineration in favor of dumping medical waste in commercial landfills, the experts dragged their heels.
Reaching temperatures of more than 1,000[degrees]C, the melter heats the waste material along with a batch of borosilicate glass.
These rules, which apply to all camps, specify that proper disposal of potentially infectious waste must be ensured.