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a white person of Anglo-Saxon ancestry who belongs to a Protestant denomination

social or solitary hymenopterans typically having a slender body with the abdomen attached by a narrow stalk and having a formidable sting

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Then the tall, saturnine, very pale WASPy guy from upstate New York said, "Aw, shucks," he said, "the seat I am in has been occupied by a Republican for the past 80 years.
My name--raised and sharp and intensely blue--looks Waspy on that paper.
They conform with the spirit of timelessness and waspy understatement that Ralph Lauren built his empire on, while incorporating the odd, counterintuitive cut.
Instead, the bodice attaches to the unitard and through to the waspy, keeping everything even with the vertical center.
It's set in a WASPy prep school, not unlike the one Farizan attended as a closeted teen in Massachusetts ("pre-Ellen," she notes).
The Sternwoods--never ethnically identified, though readers might attribute a WASPy air to their social environment--can stand in for this enviable collective figure because of the generic legacy established in Black Mask's immigrant readership.
My mother always says that Washington was a very waspy town until Roosevelt and the influx of ethnic groups, and that Jewish Washington began to bloom then," says her son Andrew Ammerman.
Our little Elaine found a nice Jewish boy in that WASPy school.
That she is herself something of an anachronism (flappers were more or less passe by 1932, when the film was made) adds to the timeless quality of the drama here, a drama, in other words, that could have been enacted in the 1890s as much as in the 1930s, much less the 1950s (the slender, WASPy Jewess Brenda Patamkin in Philip Roth's Goodbye, Columbus is still playing it out with in 1959).
The rider firstly struck on 11-8 favourite Waspy in the Freebets.
An Italian-American family in a quiet New jersey town clashes with WASPy neighbors
Handing everything off to a younger, more unsullied citizenry unencumbered by the lies and failures of American triumphalism is a good thing: Thao drives off in the Gran Torino at the end of the movie, and what makes him a positive image is precisely his difference from everything WASPy and mainstream, precisely his lack of encumbrance by that narrative of American decline.
Patricia Albers's new biography of Joan Mitchell, Lady Painter, follows the artist from her privileged, WASPy Chicago upbringing through her tempestuous years on the 10th Street scene--where she became one of the greater members of the supposedly lesser "second generation" of the New York School--to her time spent in France, where she would face a gradual physical and emotional decline but probably achieved her most lasting artistic triumphs.
The Marx brothers are important ancestors in Mailer's filmic genealogy, in part because they too are Jews who remix ethnicity on film, as Chico becomes Italian and Zeppo becomes the brothers' WASPy foil.
Set in the northeast corridor, Haslett's central narrative begins with a conflict between the owner of a gaudy McMansion and his more patrician neighbor, an eccentric and profoundly WASPy high school history teacher.