wasps' nest

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habitation for wasps or hornets

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EURO WASPS I HAVE noticed that there are far fewer wasps' nests around this year, and the one or two I have found I have left well alone as I have "brokered a deal" with them.
Mr Stringer added: "They're known to build nests in loft spaces, which a lot of people may not check if their loft is unconverted or isn't used very of ten "Tackling a wasps' nest is dangerous and should only be done by professionals.
The service spokeswoman added: "The householder had started the fire in a bid to smoke out a wasps' nest which had been built inside the shed.
It is worth thinking about getting rid of wasps' nests now while they can be removed or sprayer in the early stages rather than later in the summer, when it's more established.
DAD David Roberts is buzzing with anger after health and safety laws stopped council pest controllers getting rid of a wasps' nest.
Mark Evison, aged 47, had been clearing a dyke in Ellerker, near South Cave, East Yorkshire, when he disturbed a wasps' nest.
We realised they'd moved into our roof, and when I went up to the attic I was met with the biggest wasps' nest ever.
LOOKING out of my bedroom window I noticed a lot of wasps above me and I realised I must have a wasps' nest.
A pest-control man tries to charge the Derbyshire nurses to remove a nonexistent wasps' nest from their loft.
It said eradicating rats cost between pounds 95 and pounds 150, while getting rid of a hornets' or wasps' nest was likely to set you back by up to pounds 100.
Seven days ago, the Tigers managed to breach the Wasps' nest at the Causeway Stadium, returning to the Midlands with a 37-31 victory.
Youngsters are thought to have started a blaze at Marton Grove Primary School as they tried to set light to a wasps' nest.
He said: "A wasps' nest should be a piece of cake - you treat them and they're dead in a few days.
The makers say if you're having a picnic, relaxing in your garden or camping, then hang this fake wasps' nest close by and the little pests will think it's a real colony and buzz off elsewhere.
Get hold of a large box with a tight-fitting lid underneath the wasps' nest.