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Every silhouette is catered for - from the waspish, voluminous skirts in Modern Couture, to the sharp, utility-inspired tailoring in Sandstorm.
From the 15th, Mercury is coming to the aid of Venus, like she needs any help and while you could see that as an opportunity for even more smooth talking, Mercury may be a little waspish.
If you're sick to the back teeth of celebrities being given a bit too much of an easy ride then rejoice, because a certain witty, waspish Welshman Rob Brydon returns tonight to host a brand new second series of his chat show.
So it is hardly surprising then that it isn't long before Quentin is being wined and dined by a host of celebrities as they embrace his dandy and waspish ways.
This collection of letters shows him at his witty, waspish best, with plenty of his pictures, too.
But after his typically waspish performance on Question Time last week, in which he made stinging remarks about the Celtic fringes, Dr Starkey's reputation as "Britain's rudest man" may have been enhanced but his academic credibility was diminished.
In its place is a five-strong acoustic group with pertinent, waspish lyrics and the best harmonies since The Beatles.
Waspish had had enough: "I'm not happy with the thought of coppers knocking on doors to take statistics when the crime detection rate is almost zero.
Perhaps the gaps between races could be stretched to an hour, so we can put up with even more fatuous nonsense from waspish nobodies about yellow being the new blue, hats being the new crack cocaine, and Willie Carson being the new holder of the 'Confused Thought Processes 2007' award.
New York's waspish columnist Cindy Adams on It Girl Paris Hilton's size 11 feet
The versatile actor, often relegated to colourful supporting roles, assumes leading man status with gusto, disappearing entirely beneath the skin of his waspish alter ego.
Dividing the post-1969 work into the categories 'Houses', 'Towers', and 'Housing, Institutions and the City', de Alba also adds a welcome preface from Mildred Schmertz, a long--but dry--essay by Robert Bruegmann, and a characteristically waspish conversation between Rudolph and Peter Blake.
This painting is now lost, which is no surprise in light of its waspish courtier's disdain for his master's foreign consort.
Written and directed by Amos Poe, a veteran of New York's self-consciously hip downtown filmmaking scene, the movie attempts to unite the waspish, backstage comedy (think ``All About Eve'') with the more openly brutal modern gangster film.