wasp waist

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a very slender waist

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MAYBE it''s the elfin features, maybe it's the gamine crop, the wasp waist, or the dark glasses, or perhaps it's because she could make a pair of ballet pumps and Capri pants look as glamorous as any ballgown.
Especially across her middle, narrow as a wasp waist, there wasn't anywhere to go except into the sea.
The cold-adapted game animals that populated North America after crossing the land bridge from Eurasia simply couldn't migrate successfully through the hemisphere's tropical wasp waist.
Shift and sweater dresses with plain belts, sack dresses which moved away from the drawn-in, wasp waist and made us look like a giant almond and long, bulky sweaters over straight trousers.
Shrinking train journey times have contrived to reconfigure the map of France, a fact proudly trumpeted by the SNCF in its advertising campaigns, which shows the country's main north-south axis shortened and cinched in like a Dior wasp waist.
After all, the 17-inch example of Scarlett O'Hara notwithstanding, you don't come by a wasp waist "naturally," or easily either.
The style of the times was simple - shift and sweater dresses with plain belts, long, bulky sweaters over straight trousers, sack dresses which moved away from the drawn-in, wasp waist.
It'll give you lift where you need it, the wasp waist of a Victorian lady and do away with the need for practical but unglamorous tights.
How can it be that a size 12 in Gap is still the 36 bust, 28 waist, 36 hips ratio of the days of the wasp waist, even allowing for Victoria Beckham posturing in that little black outfit?