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Synonyms for washy

lower than normal in strength or concentration due to admixture

lacking the qualities requisite for spiritedness and originality

Synonyms for washy

overly diluted


Related Words

having lost freshness or brilliance of color

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The trees are rendered in a uniformly washy olive tone and what seem as few brushstrokes as possible, but the sequence of their thin vertical trunks, several slightly bent and one conspicuously denuded of fronds, successfully, if sparsely, evokes the sense of a hurricane passing through and conveys the fragility of nature.
COMEDY DUO Widow Twanky and Wishy Washy, played by panto favourites Bob Stott and Ray Spencer
THE first night of late night shopping will be marked tomorrow when panto dame Andy Hockley, Wishy Washy in the Belgrade's production of Aladdin, turns on West Orchards shopping centre lights.
Washy Talky guides the user through the entire washing process, starting by telling him or her 'in a female warm, personal Indian middle class accent' to 'drop detergent, close lid and relax.
The Washy Talky, as the machine is called, is being offered first of all in India, where demand for a device that gives instructions as you go along was first identified among consumers.
Here, the work--a washy replica of the painted ceiling--is a cipher not only for our attempts to imagine what it "must have been like" to have been Freud's patient, but also for a slew of other possibilities.
There must be no more wishy- washy excuses for giving housebreakers one last chance.
Puckette's washy, drippy surfaces--which, in their own way, brood on the void-have a similar erotic nervousness.
30pm this Friday, while various wishy-washy shades of New Labour red reflect on another wishy washy New Labour conference, the anniversary of the jailings will be marked with a reunion at the Empire pub in Hanover Street, Liverpool city centre.
Other tunes got lost in washy reverb and drummer Caroline McKay makes The White Stripes' Meg White sound like Keith Moon.
But these "natural" elements, drawn over washy, abstracted grounds, are juxtaposed with everything from half-human, half-animal figures to electric guitars, dissolving happy faces, and the artist's contorted likeness, which recurs, along with comic book-style characters named "Missy," "Ugh Jr.
When will the wishy washy liberals realise that the complete lack of discipline at school and in the home coupled with a lack of respect for authority figures is at the heart of the epidemic that is anti-social behaviour?
The best parts of MacConnel's show were his murals, washy, subtle, moody.
Hines, who was starring as Wishy Washy, said outside court: "The judge has been kind to me, even without my magic lamp.
The barely mediated, washy, and mushy fields of color in the monotypes create a somewhat arbitrary patchwork of zones, all usually surrounding an image of something like a flower, a chesspiece, or an animal.