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bath linen consisting of a piece of cloth used to wash the face and body

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The agency already remakes partially used candle wax into skateboard wax; builds new furniture from donated scraps of wood; started Aurora Glass, a glass foundry that remakes broken glass into decorative items; and uses worn-out clothes and linens to make pet beds, washrags and leashes.
They say white people don't use washrags, and I realize now, at Grandma's, I do.
She states that you should place wet clothes in the basket in this order: sheets, tablecloths, pants and jeans, towels, tee-shirts, hand towels, washrags, dishrags, underwear, then lastly, socks.
For example, in the nursing department they do all of the snack and water functions," says DeWolf, "and they set up all of the washrags and hand towels for each resident.
In addition to the bulky and nonconforming nature of washcloths and washrags, the biggest disadvantage was that it created a laundry problem after use.
A sense of what they faced comes across from the list of supplies they needed to take: food, bottled water, change of clothes, flashlights, washrags, a grill, charcoal, sleeping bags, propane lanterns, portable propane tanks, canvas, tarp, nylon rope, hammers, and axes.
You don't want the washrags to be too thick, and if you want to go greener, you can go with organic washrags.